Thank You!

11050796_1554565288143449_3456018858914923992_nThis event was incredible. Thank you to everyone who helped make Steampunk City happen.

Thank you to my fellow lead organizers, Paul Shea, and Jackie Hunt. I seriously could not have even dreamed of creating an event this amazing without you.

Thank you to Linda Walker, and the Nashua Public Library for partnering with us and offering space for us to make this event a reality.

Thank you to our designers, Dina Flockhart, Kelly Chamberland Belt, andTruly Alvarenga. Your designs were beautiful, creative, fun, and you brought a great thing to Nashua. You’re creativity and talent are incredible, and I want to thank you for helping me bring more creative arts to the Nashua downtown.

Thank you to Rivengurl Hart for wrangling our hair and makeup artists, who really brought a ridiculous amount of talent and skill and worked under such intense conditions. Your talents as a hair and makeup artist are only rivaled by your talents as an organizer. I was blown away by how well you kept track of every little detail.

Thank you to all the models who showed up, dealt with the cramped quarters, the heat, crazy schedules, being marched around town for photos and last minute changes. You models rocked it so hard on the runway, and you looked so good in those designs.

Thank you to James Dattolo of A Curious Production, who is always an asset to have on any event. His thoroughness and eye for detail is invaluable. James made the event look and sound amazing. I also want to especially thank him for making the Hunt building look like a transformative work of moving art. That was probably one of my favorite parts of the night.

Thank you to our lead photographer, Andrew Shanley, who captured amazing images of our models. Helped coordinate with other photographers and helped us create lasting memories for the day. I cannot wait to see the images of this event. And I bet our designers, makeup and hair artists, and models can’t either.

Thank you to our volunteers. Who allowed us to focus on running the event, by being our arms, our eyes, our ears, and our mouths throughout the day. Your hard work, thoroughness, and ability to get things done made our event seem effortless.

Thank you to our performers, who put on a great show at Riverwalk Cafe, on one of their busiest days of the year. And a special thanks toConstance Mei Bainbridge for helping with Sound at Riverwalk, and then playing out our fashion show finale. She is such a talented artist, and was *instrumental* in helping with sound issues throughout the day.

Thank you to Riverwalk Roasters for working with us on setting up a complicated show during the day while they had another show that evening. Riverwalk is An amazing venue for local music and a gem in downtown Nashua.

Thank you to all our sponsors who helped us put together this event. M&C Clothing and Gift, Persian Rug Gallery, and Riverwalk Cafe. All great local businesses in Nashua. Your contribution to this event helped support arts and culture in downtown Nashua and I’m seriously so grateful that we have people and businesses in this community who love the arts enough to sponsor them.

Thank you to all the venues and vendors who gave generous discounts to our supporters and volunteers. Your support is greatly appreciated, and I hope our supporters took advantage of these deals. Remember, Cloak and Dagger Creations are extending their sale for button holders until the end of June.

Thank you so much to MakeIt Labs who shared their time, their energy, their space, and their creativity. Thank you to Johnathan Vail, who connected with us, and showed me their space. And who worked hard to bring awesome science and tech to the streets of Nashua.

Thank you to the Diamond Jubilee Calliope, for playing awesome music throughout the day, helping to create the festival atmosphere we were hoping for.

And thank you to everyone who came. It was so nice to see such a large convention happening in downtown Nashua. Everyone looked great in their cosplay and their outfits.

Thank you all so much. This was so much fun, and I can’t wait to do it again next year!


-Ryan Glen Hirsch

Steampunk City: Masquerade of Makers Event Coordinator.

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